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domingo, 3 de abril de 2016

Top 7 Safety Recommendations if you go to Venezuela.

     Things are getting worst in all sense. I thought that with the opposition winning the legasliteve elections in December 2015 everything would up turning for the best. I was naive and wrong. Venezuelans live in constant danger, which could increese if you are e foreinger. As a local I will advice you the following:

     1. Always keep your luggage at a spot where you can see and sense them, in front of the legs for example.

     2. Do NOT exange money at the airport, bank or any interchange institution. They will give you far more less that is actually worth. Check up the site to stay tuned about the REAL exchange rates. I will explain this complicated matter as long with venezuelan economics in another article.

     3. Use line taxi only. Most important malls in Caracas have their own taxi lines, they are pretty secure. Consult with the driver the price he has on a paper list where all the locations are indicadet algong with the price. Also a good hotel can help you with that. DO NOT use free taxies on the streets.

    4. Subway or Metro system have reached records about insecurity. Me myself was assault and stolen in a subway station, middle of the day. Do not recomend to use metro or free buses called "carritos".

     5. Hide very well your pertenences when you go out, specially if you carry expensive things like smartphones, tablets, camaras or foreing currency. There are lots of good people but do not trust anybody unlike is a friend of yours.

     6. If you go nightclub be aware that some people use some sort of sustance called "burrundanga". Is made from a very popular plant and drug the person that have contact with it. They can control, ask you everything and you will accept without rejacting. The next day you will not remember almost anything.

     7. I do not wish anything goes wrong, but just in case you are victim of delincuence just let them do whatever they want. If you resist for sure they will shot you or even kill you, this guys do not care about anything. They have war guns which are iligal so do not trust the police too much. Is not worth to risk your life for a few material things.

     Finally I would like to add some refleccion. A few days ago I was watching the news and says that after a bloody battle, the Syrian army held back Islamic Estate, leaving 23 soldiers death. But the same happens here almost every day although is not well covered by international media. Venezuela has gone through more than a century without any armed conflict or war of any type, and yet we have more deaths that some currently war zones.

     But not everything is lost, Venezuela is cheap and have amazing places to enjoy with lots of security, like the Gran Sabana or Great Plain. Roraima mount or Los Roques Archipielago, which are all very safety and you for sure will meet other travelers. I have written about a few of these places before so check it out!

     I hope this is usefull for you guys and sorry that I have absent for a while.

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